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Listed in's "Top 10 Ways to Wake Up Prettier"!  BEAUTY TIP #4: Swipe on nourishing oils.
Chanel make-up artist Rachel Goodwin, says about applying Farmaesthetics Remedy Oils before bed:  "When you wake up you will look like you've had a facial"!

For use on face or body, our highly specialized, non-aromatic herbalists’ formulations are prepared by hand with organically grown herbs. Unlike typical beauty and bath oils made with herbal extracts or aromatic essential oils, Farmaesthetics’ Remedy Oils are infused with whole organic herb, ensuring a complete complex of herbal constituents to moisturize, mend and tone the skin.

The herbs undergo a traditional infusion process with organic oils, allowing time to garner the healing properties inherent in each. The result is significant when used in facials, hot bath soaks or external massage, as the herbal benefits are absorbed through the skin to support underlying systems to boost the complexion.

Remedy Oils by Farmaesthetics

  • Face & Body Massage, Bath Soaks, and also to Boost any lotion--adding 1-2 tablespoons of desired Remedy Oil to our Nourishing Lavender Milk, Complexion Conserve or Nourishing Herbal Cream will super-charge the preparation to target specific conditions

    Calendula - in sweet almond oil
    Known in herbalism as the skin-mending herb, calendula promotes fast-healing in external skin conditions. Effective oil for over-exposed, dry or mature skin. Promotes healing of wounds, scars or burns, including those produced by laser surgery.

    Lemon Balm - in sweet almond oil
    A member of the mint family, lemon balm is cooling and calming to both tissue and temperament. Use as massage or bath oil to help ease exhaustion and insomnia. Wonderful for treating systems that are depleted due to over-exertion or over-whelming circumstances.

    Hyssop - in sweet almond oil
    A powerful anti-viral to help ease muscle and neck tension associated with stress or overwork, or sore throats due to vocal strain. Great for public speakers, politicians, teachers, singers, actors, and anyone trained to use their voice to instruct or perform.

    Nettle - in sweet almond oil
    Known as an effective treatment oil for easing stiff joints in hands and feet, as well as helping heal childhood eczema and nervous-onset skin irritations, especially on the scalp (including cradle cap in infants). Widely used in herbal traditions as a scalp treatment oil for adults, nettle works to relieve dry, tense scalp, which contributes to thinning hair and baldness in men and women alike.

    Arnica - in soy oil
    Arnica is highly regarded in herbalism for its ability to diminish bruising & swelling of skin tissue. Arnica has a complex chemistry, but simply put, the herb works to affect the blood vessels so that there is rapid reduction of inflammation, the kind associated with injured tissue.
    A capful used in external massage or in a warm bath soak, is a simple, effective way to introduce Arnica into the system, while at the same time conditioning the skin & improving circulation. Dermatologists are now recognizing the many benefits of Arnica for patients following plastic surgery.

    Our products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients as indicated, are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating & dermatological tested, with a certified shelf-life of 2 years from the date of opening. No animal testing

  • organically grown whole herb* infused in oil (sweet almond or soy*) & vitamin e (* indicates certified organic ingredients)

    4 oz glass bottle